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Together, Jason Hobbs and Terence Fenn have succeeded in embedding the principles and practice of UX, IA and user centered design through the Design Department of the Faculty of Fine Art, Design and Architecture in the University of Johannesburg. Over the past six years they have taught a unique course on UX to undergraduates at the same institution merging Design Thinking and IA practice with a focus on complex problems situated in social realities. They have written and published extensively on these topics in both academic and practitioner publications and conferences both in South Africa and Internationally.

Their experience of teaching spans academia, corporate training, guest lecturing, presentation at conferences, workshop facilitation, agency training, mentoring, skills transfer and client-side institutionalization of UX governance, methodologies, resourcing and training.


Terence is a full time lecturer in interaction and multimedia design at the University of Johannesburg. He gained his Masters in Art and Design Education from the University of New South Wales and is currently completing his second Masters at the University of Cape Town.


Jason is Director of jh-01 / Human Experience Design. He has over 16 years experience in practicing IA, UX and service design internationally, lectures part time, conducts academic research and has been deeply involved in developing the IA community of Practice.

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