The 2nd Academics and Practitioners Round Table – 2014  IA Summit, San Diego, California

Earlier this year we organised a day long academic workshop in San Diego bringing together practitioners, academics and teachers around the topic of Teaching IA. We received over ten paper proposals and authors presented their ideas in short ignite-style presentations. We’ll be working with the authors to publish the papers as the year proceeds. The day also included co-design sessions exploring teaching methods, languages of critique, what an ideal student of IA could like and more. You can read about it on the website 

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Strategic design solutioning for the Johannesburg Art Gallery (JAG)

Over a roughly two year period from 2010 / 2011 we worked with the JAG, Stephen Hobbs, students from the University of Johannesburg, Andrea Resmini and a diverse number of multi-disciplinary specialists to develop a design strategy for the JAG. The inner city of Johannesburg and the JAG sit at the heart of a hot bed of issues that suited our interests in wicked, socially embedded problems perfectly.  Links to some presentations given on the topic follow:

Polish IA Summit presentation focusing on the role of IA in the solutioning process

Public Access Conference presentation focusing on the theory of the solution from a public art perspective




The 1st Academics and Practitioners Round Table – 2013  IA Summit, Baltimore, USA

Along with Andrea Resmini, we conceptualised this event to focus attention and offer deep-dive conversation around the topic of Reframing IA. Several people in the international IA community were speaking and writing about new and alternative conceptions of IA and we wanted to bring these folks together. The day-long event included presentations by selected authors of academic papers that would ultimately appear in the Springer publication Reframing Information Architecture. We also facilitated a series of workshops to the explore the topic further on the day.





Pervasive IA academic workshop- 2012  Pervasive Computing Conference, Newcastle, UK

Full title: Pervasive Information Architectures as Architectures of Meaning for Complex Cross-channel Systems. This was to be the first of several workshop oriented academic events conceived of by Hobbs, Fenn and Resmini. In short, we were exploring how the practice of information architecture (IA) as “the structural design of shared information environments” had been changing in the previous few years under the influx of media convergence and ubiquitous and pervasive computing. We hoped to outline how IA is uniquely positioned to help improve the design of successful user experiences and customer journeys in pervasive, cross-channel environments, move the discourse on IA towards indeterminate problem solving, and help establish a common language and grammar for both practice and research in the field.


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